Tuesday, February 7

Easy Origami butterfly

In my last post, I told how much origami was helping me to get focussed. So after I finished doing the 3d-origami-wall-hanging, I let it hang in the dining area. But there was something missing in the space. The wooden wall felt empty.

That's when I decided to fill the wall with origami butterflies. Butterflies always remind me of the vibrancy and happiness. The joy these little insects carry. Their transition from a larva to a beautiful insect is dazzling.

This is the simplest origami of butterfly. There are several variations to this. But I found this to be easy and nice. Will be posting a video of how to make these origami butterflies here soon.

Thursday, January 19

Winter Fine arts

Shannon's Winter Online Fine Art Sale, which starts at 2:00 PM EST on the 19th, is one of the biggest online-only art auctions! The auction will feature mostly American and European 19th and early 20th century paintings. With the help of Invaluable, anyone can access and bid on these beautiful works from the comfort of their home!

Here are a few lots to check out:

Lot 109: Still Life with Oysters, Whiskey and Biscuits
Estimated Price: $5,000 - $7,000

Condition Report: Canvas: Not Applicable
Condition: Good
Restoration: Very Minor
Frame: Reproduction
slight bow to board, overall craquelure. 

Lot 108: Portrait of a Gentleman
Estimated Price: $200 - $300

Condition Report: Canvas: Lined
Condition: Good
Restoration: Considerable
Frame: Old
Scattered crazing throughout. 

Lot 76: Sam's Block

Estimated Price: $2,500 - $3,500

Condition Report: Canvas: Unlined
Condition: Very Good
Restoration: Very Minor
Frame: Quality Reproduction 

Feel free to check out other exclusive fine art and decorative art up for auction on Invaluable.

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Friday, January 6

15 Things To Do When You Can`t Fall Asleep

Very often it may happen that it becomes difficult for us to fall asleep. Do not start to panic and simply follow the simple tips that we have collected and they will help you to fall asleep without problems.
  • Choose a comfortable pillow. It should not be too large or too small. Of course, some people can sleep without a pillow. It would be good use orthopedic pillows, as they are the most comfortable.
                                      Image result for comfortable pillow
  • Choose a comfortable pose. Comfortable pose is very important for sleep. So, you have to lie down comfortably, so that nothing interfered with your sleep
                                     Related image
  • Try not to twist and lie in one position. This happens because of over stimulation. It seems that you want to sleep, but you can not find a comfortable position. In such cases, lie down (for example, on the back) and do not move. At the same time, try to relax your body.
  • Figure out whether you are relaxed or not. In order to sleep - we need to be relaxed. You will be unable to fall asleep quickly, if our muscles are tense. It is necessary to relax the muscles, especially the neck and neck area and head. Sometimes we do not even know that we are tensed.
  • If thoughts do not allow you to sleep – make an agreement with them. Sometimes it happens that we can’t get rid of some thoughts or worries. However, it is very important to clean your mind from any thoughts in order for a good night sleep to come.
  • Meditate. Try to remove all the thoughts from your mind and listen to your body. Listen to the peace and silence. 
                                   Image result for meditate
  • Mind your breathing. It's very simple - it is necessary to monitor your breathing. Breathe calmly, deeply, and monitor: inhalation, retention, exhalation delay. Concentrate on your breathing and get rid of the thoughts!
                                    Image result for breathing
  • To sleep calmly - do not drink stimulating beverages before bedtime. Do not drink before going to bed such drinks as: coffee, tea, yerba mate, Puer, energy drinks, etc. It is best to drink a glass of warm water or warm milk (you can add honey).
                                    Image result for no beverage before bed
  • Ventilate the room before going to bed. During the whole day the room can accumulate too much energy and, therefore, it is desirable to disperse it. Who wants to sleep in the swamp? Namely, the swamp can be compared to stagnant energy in the room (bedroom). Open the window for 5-10 minutes, in order for the fresh air, oxygen, and stagnant energy to enter the room.
  •  As a minimum, wash face before going to bed. To wash off the accumulated energy for the whole day (not always pleasant) - it is desirable to take a shower or bath. You can simply wash your face with warm water before going to bed. It is necessary to wash the eyes, ears - those organs through which we perceive the most of our world, and in which remain prints for the whole day. Therefore, wash the accumulated negativity and go to bed.
                                     Image result for wash your face
  •  Calm down before going to bed. In order for the sleep to be calm and strong, and the process of falling asleep was not long - do not watch militants, horror and other exciting video before going to sleep. Also, do not listen to a rough, heavy metal music - listen to calm, pleasant motives (the most useful are the sounds of nature).
  •  Go to bed on time. You should take going to bed at the same time every night as a rule. Your body will get used to a certain regime and it will be easier for you to fall asleep.
                                     Image result for sleep on time
  •  Turn off all the distracting devices, such as the lamp, TV, or any other devices that can interfere with your sleep. 
  •  Try to add the fragrance of lavender, bergamot, marjoram, sandalwood or geranium in your room. It will not simply make the air pleasant, but will also help to relax the body and calm down your nervous system. 

                                        Image result for natural fragrance
  •  Put on a comfortable pajamas. It is very important, thus you could feel yourself convenient.
These tips may seem simple, but they are truly helpful. Following them, it will be much easier for you to fall asleep.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a talented writer, and a very creative woman. Her manner of writing is amazing and you can check for her articles at star-writers.com/ as she is currently working for this company. The way she represents her thoughts is worth respect.

Thursday, November 17

Good will TRUMP over the evil- All that is needed is the PHOENIX song

I was re-reading Harry Potter, and Fantastic beasts and where to find them books to be prepared for the movie that is getting released and was surprised to find so many similarities between certain parts of the book and the things that is happening with the election.Now that the election is over people still seem unhappy. This is just like the raise of the dark lord and these quotes really sum up the state of mind of the people.

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right"

Did Dumbledore travel in time, see the scenario that was to happen in the 2016 election and then quote it? Whatever be it, people seem to have chosen the easy in the 2016 American election.

“It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.” we must be willing to fight against the evil whether it is corruption, black money or racism . Never give up hope when all seems hopeless.

Sing the Phoenix song as it is reputed to increase the courage of the pure of heart and to strike fear into the heart of the impure.“What’s coming’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”."The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.

Voldemort claimed that Muggle-borns were actually Muggles who stole magic from real wizards and witches, rather than actually inheriting it rightfully and so deserved to be punished for it- Sounds familiar? just replace Muggles with immigrants.“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.”

May the Magical congress of the United states of America save the land from Snatchers, werewolves, giants, Dementors, and Acromantulas, and save the muggles from pure-blood supremacy.

 Afterall "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light."

Always remember "Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus.” 

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Monday, November 7

DIY:Make your own terrarium

Add a little green space to your home or even a small little room with the eye catching terrarium.Planning the tropical plants inside the glass container is really fascinating. It is perfect for the winter as there will be no need to step out, and they can be placed anywhere.

Terrariums are easy to plant and they dont need any special skills to look after as well. The plants in the terrariums do not need a lot of water, so they are super easy to care for.

What is a terrarium?

it is just like an aquarium. Replace the fish with plans such a succulents and water with the soil. Isn't it cool?

I have always wanted to own a terrarium. But when ever i checked it out online or searched them in stores, they where a little costly. So i decided to try my hands making one of them.

So i collected the the things needed as mentioned above. Here is a step by step instruction of how to put them together.

Clear the glass jar/bowl of your choice and add the materials one by one in the following order.


                                         Terrarium: Sahithya sridhar

credit: sahithya sridhar

credit: sahithya sridhar